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I’m a Technology Artist, often called a Digital Designer/ Experience Designer.


I design the connections between people, their products, their environments and their experiences.  I'm an expert and stanford coach on Design Thinking methodologies. My professional experience is as a multimedia design-engineer and user experience designer. I have a deep knowledge of technology, physics, art, human factors, industrial design and a passion for audio-visual media. My ambition is to create intelligible and engaging products, services and environments. 


I got my start in the late 80-ies working for Industrial Light & Magic as rotoscope artist.  After giving in to the commute from San Francisco to Lucas Valley I went to work for a small startup called Macromind, later renamed Macromedia.  I was co-creator on the shockwave technology, creator of the award winning web site and authored the first book(s) on shockwave technology.  In the mid 90ies I was recruited away by the former Chief Creative Officer of Apple to his newly formed interactive agency called CKS Partners.  In addition to Steve Jobs, CKS is where I met and worked with Joe Firmage, but I digress. I’ve created many landmark, Communication Arts award winning web sites, CDs and TV spots for clients such as Apple, Levis, Nike, Pixar, Visa, 3Com and many more.  At CKS, later renamed MarchFIRST, I became the regional director of research & development and a member of the executive staff, managing a team of 80+ people.  My team was specifically responsible for all Apple and Pixar collateral.  Everything that had an Apple logo on it came from this team and I was directly reporting to Steve Jobs, with weekly meetings for more than 3+ years.


In 2001 CKS Partners merged with US/Web and formed a global 10,000+ person interactive agency know as MarchFIRST. At this point I finished authoring my 5th book, a New York Times best seller called ‘The LastMile’ dealing with the coming broadband technology.



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After the internet bubble burst and I left marchFIRST, I authored another shockwave book, about 3D,  I recollected myself and formed my own interactive agency, know as The Communication Group or TCG.  Here, we handled interactive work from Maxtor, Verisign, Naturopathica, Genentech, and others.  After growing this agency I sold my interest and accepted a position as the practice leader for Service Design & Innovation with IDEO, labeled the most influential design firm in the world, here I helped establish and grow the financial portfolio of clients. Using design thinking principles I helped shape many company offerings with business transformations methods.  Most of my clients and projects are confidential, under NDA.


In 2004 one of my IDEO projects was for a man named Hasso Plattner, the founder of SAP Labs.  I worked with Hasso and SAP to help construct a design thinking team who's mandate was to change the culture of SAP to be more human cnetered.  In 2005 I joined SAP and continued to helped grow this team, taught design thinking workshops world-wide, was awarded 9 patents and fought many enterprise cultural battles.In late 2008, I was lured away from SAP to join Microsoft as the Principal User Experience Designer, working in Redmond WA, building a visual modeling and analytics driven application. Think data in the cloud + excel + powerpoint and you are 50% headed in the right direction.  I worked on the gound floor develpment of this new application for 2 years before I realized how much Microsoft sucks to work for as a user experience designer, but I digress.



In 2010 I rejoined SAP Labs into the Chairman projects team and continued as the Creative Director reporting to the CTO, Vishal Sikka. In 2014 I followed Vishal Sikka (as CEO of Infosys) to become the Global Head of Experience Design for the company.   Today I'm with an artificial intelligence startup called Vianai Systems, Inc. developing AI for the enterprise.

Today I live in Woodinville, Washington with my wife, two daughters and son.  If you would like to understand me better check out the random facts about my life page.


Facts about me

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